Garibaldi Biscuits

This week  I needed to make something from the store cupboard that wouldn’t take too long. We were going away, and I hadn’t yet made my pilgrimage to Boots to buy a load of toiletries in small bottles.  I decided to make Garibaldi biscuits from Delia Smith’s Cakes.  The biscuits didn’t look as though they would be too difficult to make (I know I’m supposed to be making tricky and terrifying things, but I came across the recipe and just wondered whether it would be worthwhile baking Garibaldis, or whether they’re best left to McVities).

The biscuit mixture was easy; self-raising flour, salt and butter rubbed together to look like breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs mixed with golden caster sugar, and enough milk to make a firm dough.  I rolled the dough out to form a rectangle that was roughly the 20cm x 30cm required by the recipe and sprinkled currants over one half.  I folded the other half of the dough on top and rolled it again.

Now, I thought I’d been pretty generous with my currants, but, on rolling the dough out for a second time, I found that, not only had I been a bit stingy, but unevenly stingy.  I was going to end up with some currantless Garibaldis – which probably means that they wouldn’t be Garibaldis at all.  Just Baldies perhaps?001

I trimmed the dough and cut it into neat Garibaldi-sized fingers.   The recipe says that it makes 24 biscuits.  I made 5 extra biscuits with the offcuts.  They weren’t particularly neat or Garibaldi-sized.

I put the biscuits onto a tray lined with baking paper, brushed them with egg white and sprinkled granulated sugar over the top. They went into the oven at 180 degrees fan for 15 minutes.  This is how they came out.


The uneven spread of the currants meant that two of my biscuits turned out to be Baldies, and some weren’t as curranty as they should be but they tasted OK. Buttery and sweet, and the currants (in the biscuits lucky enough to have any) were soft and added a really good fruity taste (and they didn’t stick in my teeth, which is always a bonus).

I couldn’t find any McVities Garibaldis in Tesco, so I bought a packet of Tesco’s Own to compare homemade with shop-bought.  We liked the homemade biscuits better.  My husband said that they were more buttery, and that the Tesco biscuits tasted a bit burned.  It was all about the fruit for me.  I thought that the currants in my biscuits tasted better than Tesco’s.

I’m not sure whether I’ll make these again.  They were tasty, but, to be honest, I think that there are nicer biscuits that can be made just as easily.  If I did make them again, I’d be a lot more generous with the currants so that I don’t end up with any more Baldies.


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